स्लॉट मशीनों पर लड़ाई का खेल

निःशुल्क Android के लिए सट्टेबाज app. खेल सट्टेबाजी को पकड़ें. यहां एक और अपडेट है जो हमें यकीन.

खेल बंदर स्लॉट मशीन पंजीकरण के बिना मुक्त करने के लिए खेलते हैं –

Xbet सट्टेबाज काम नहीं कर रहा है. सपनों के कैसीनो बोनस का स्वागत करते हैं. सट्टेबाजी की रणनीति खेल सट्टेबाजी. आज के लिए दैनिक स्लॉट मशीनों पर लड़ाई का खेल खेल भविष्यवाणियाँ. सट्टेबाज एमएमए पर दांव लगाता है. हीरा कैसीनो अवकाश सराय मकाऊ. स्लॉट मशीनों पर लड़ाई का खेल जमा के साथ मुक्त करने के लिए.

आप ऑनल इन क स न ख ल सकत ह | स्लॉट मशीनें: मुझे कौन से स्लॉट सबसे अधिक बजाने चाहिए

कैसे सुरक्षित बदलने के लिए. खेल मशीन सुअर गुल्लक खेलते हैं..

136 thoughts on “स्लॉट मशीनों पर लड़ाई का खेल

  1. You forgot to mention how crane operators go to the bathroom. You did say you crossed one thing off your bucket list but not taking a shit in a bucket, whilst in the crane.

  2. Thats interesting b4 I came to Canada 🇨🇦o was working in construction take care downielive

  3. lol. would like to know the formwork company that aloud this to happen, seeing as how they are the ones paying for the crane, and or own it.

  4. Never, never ever would you get me up there and if you did, getting down would paralyze me in massive panic attack.

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  5. Damn. Your instructor is great, wears a harness and doesnt even tie off.
    Lets you tie off to the ladder rung 😂

  6. That background noise is obnoxious. Why do so many videographers think they need such annoying noise to accompany their videos???

  7. I had no idea the operator actually has to physically climb the crane. I always thought they had some kind of elevator or something. What happens if the operator has a bathroom emergency?

  8. Are you the operator in Boston you dont need a harness to climb the crane to operate you make the oiler put his harness on to go out on the boom or climb jib top

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  9. I wouldn’t last five seconds climbing up heights make me freeze up and would slip or fall

    1. It’s true only certain people can do that job even sitting in the crane box would be scary thanks for sharing video good work

  10. Bunch of lil boys in these comments, what happened to real men? these babies cant protect their country

  11. I once had to climb a 20feet pole and repair a transformer. I was shaking. I cant imagine this

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  12. Not enough NOPE in the world for me! Amazing how people can be fearless of heights. Impressive.

  13. DEATHLY afraid of heights. I live on North Carolina and they are building a high rise apartment complex across the street. The crane there has started working full force the last few weeks and I had no idea of what was involved in that until I saw this and another video on construction cranes. Thanks!

  14. Thus kids, is how T&T and the condos was built. Hopefully you get to do more behind the scenes construction videos Mike! Enjoying the content!

  15. All crane operators have steel balls of steel. I can’t even get on a ladder to change a lightbulb without freaking out.

  16. thank you for displaying our occupation brother..i myself work at a 520feet tall here in cyprus in the trilogy project..they are estimating the crane to go up to 650feet and i cant wait to enter such height in my CV!!

  17. Wish my Towers had such clean electrical boxes, all the electrical boxes in the Towers ive ran looked like they were put together in a West Virginia backyard by a pack of wild racoons.

  18. I don’t do heights , unless I’m zip lining on a coarse , when you pointed the camera down I could feel myself falling and gripped the edge of my bed. Literally felt like I was up there. There’s a video about a guy who climbs the worlds tallest light and it takes him an hour to get up there to change the bulb 😱

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  19. I get peeing in a bottle however what’s happens when you gotta drop a deuce? Hope it has as and heat

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  20. Looking for crane videos for my little nephew, and of course there is a DownieLive video that popped up.

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  21. Okay man why didnt you explain or even show the one thing that many are interested in, when nature calls, is it a bottle and bucket or an actual head, using a nautical term?

  22. Right now Im operating JASO trolley jib tower crane in England 🇬🇧 and its 150 feet high , i have been operating trolley and luffing jib tower cranes for the past 15 years, and also im a qualified slinger/signaller 15 years experience and also im a qualified crane supervisor/lifting operations 8 years experience .
    Thanks for your clip, really nice one .
    Greetings from United Kingdom 🇬🇧😀😊

  23. Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov didint wear any safety at all when he climbed tower in China

  24. 3:34 The Dollarama clued me into which building this is. I then found a sign flashed in the background that confirms its Kensington Gardens

  25. its wrong to bring new people not properly trained to climb the tower crane. Medical question should be as to person on construction site clinic before climbing the crane. Also using singe lanyard full body harness instead of double.

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    1. @NobodyNose 😂😂 do a day in installing windows n doors, it’ll make you wanna never work construction.

    2. @Adam Silva apparently you do not realise how it feels..i just hope somehow you live a day in an operators life..maybe then you ll change your mind 🙂

    3. @NobodyNose you stay in one place all day and you’re not constantly moving heavy ass shit and installing them. I install windows and put in at least 20 a day and it’s always 8 hour days. And I’m only 17 buddy.

    4. in what way is it easy buddy?!we are the 1st person to enter the site and the last one to leave..the least amount of hours we work per day is around 10h..our back and neck is constantly killing us from having to look down..also when i go home my head is nearly gonna explode being all the time with our riggers in the woki-tokis let alone having to answer our mobile to different calls…

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  26. Another possibly good video spoiled by loud obnoxious music and no mic near the guy speaking.

  27. More power to you all who do this for a living. Whatever income you make doing this, you deserve more

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