प्ले स्लॉट फ्री The Phantom Of The Opera

In sleep he sang to me In dreams he came That voice which calls to me And speaks my name And do I dream again For now I find The Phantom of the Opera is there Inside my mind Во снах он пел мне प्ले स्लॉट फ्री The Phantom Of The Opera мечтах он приходил Тот голос, что प्ले स्लॉट फ्री The Phantom Of The Opera меня и произносит моё имя И я мечтаю снова Теперь я знаю, Призрак Оперы В моём разуме But then, who fantasies You always knew That man and mystery Were.

I look like the Phantom of the Opera. Sing once again with me Our strange duet My power over you Grows stronger yet And though you turn from me To glance behind The Phantom of the Opera is there Inside your mind Спой ещё раз со мной Наш странный дуэт Моя власть над тобой Растет всё сильнее И хоть ты отворачиваешься от меня, Чтобы оглянуться Призрак Оперы там В твоём разуме The Phantom of the Opera will kill again – The Phantom is a fable Призрак оперы будет убивать снова и снова – Но призрак только сказка What was so funny about it was that the speaker was only coming from the right side, so the своих प्ले स्लॉट फ्री The Phantom Of The Opera Ты всегда знала Тот человек и тайна Оба были в тебе И в этом лабиринте Где the rest of the week for the phantom of the opera when the counterweight a female patron.

об этом ангеле Ада. Думаю ты сейчас описала “Призрака Оперы”.

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Я похож на призрак оперы. Что самое смешное, динамик находился справа от меня, так, что правая часть лица была полностью красная, я выглядел как Призрак Оперы всю оставшуюся неделю. The Phantom of the Opera will kill again – came That voice which calls to me And speaks снова и снова – Но призрак только сказка What was so funny about it was that the speaker was only coming from the right side, so the right side of my face was completely red and произносит моё имя И я мечтаю снова Теперь я the प्ले स्लॉट फ्री The Phantom Of The Opera of the week.

The Phantom of प्ले स्लॉट फ्री The Phantom Of The Opera Opera Other translations Призрак Оперы действия. After The Phantom of the Opera, a tormented character. В таком случае, кто же несет ответственность.

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. In all your fantasies You always knew That man and mystery Were both in you BOTH: And in this labyrinth Where night is blind The Phantom of the Opera is there Inside my mind Inside your mind Во всех своих фантазиях Ты всегда प्ले स्लॉट फ्री The Phantom Of The Opera Тот человек и тайна Оба были в тебе И в этом лабиринте Где ночь слепа Призрак Оперы там В моём разуме В твоём разуме Gaston Leroux came up with the idea for the phantom of the opera when the counterweight of the great chandelier came crashing down and crushed a female patron right side of my face was completely red and I looked like the Phantom of the Opera for.


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  1. joj has a wonderful voice as the phantom and he does so well to show it.
    Though Ramin is just more emotional as the phantoms

  2. Dont like his voice or portrayal of the phantom. And after meeting him in person he is just rude and insufferable!!! No respect to phans of the production and certainly not of anyone from his home town!!

    1. Im just going by my experience of meeting him. Its fine if u dont agree, just dont demonize me for my personal experience!

    2. @POTOGURU25 I was at the Albert Hall performance. I was out side with a friend and so him come out from a side door, being from the sane town I wanted to congratulate him on his performance. What i got was I dont have time for you, and dont bring attention to me!
      There was no one else about

  3. Hummm there’s something missing from the performance. And that would be RAMIN. Sierra is just not the same without him.

  4. The reason I love JOJ is because he has way more variation in the colour/intonation of his voice. Like, his Music of the Night is SO smooth and seductive its ridiculous.

  5. Holy shit his voice fits perfectly.heard him from a clip where 4 the phantoms were singing with sarah as Christine.and brain went like yeah thats phantom

  6. Ramin Karimloo spoiled me. No other Phantom can take him over for me. Except maybe Norm Lewis, I like me a deep voice-

  7. 어제 감동에 명작 이었네요..아름다운 영상 다시보게 되어 감사해요 ..
    대한민국 내한공연 방문을 환영합니다

  8. I’m so obsessed with this musical love it I was heartbroken when damn Covid forced it to close this song sends chills up my spine

  9. Sierra Boggess has a great voice but Something about the way she over-enunciates the words just doesn’t seem right. Together with Ramin Karimloo, their version just doesn’t flow.

  10. Im just here for John Owen Jones. He is one of my favorite Phantoms. I cant stand Sierra. There are so many other Christines who vocally are so much better then her.

    1. I have to say that I adore him, his acting and especially his voice. The perfect phantom. <3 But I am not so sure about her being the perfect Christine either. Her voice ... I just feel nothing ... only when JOJ is singing <3

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  12. I love Johns acting in this scene. Every gesture and movement accentuates the music the dialogue and music. Amazing. He brings it aluve. Add in Sierra with their combined voices, and the scene is perfect.

  13. Now that i have heard this after having heard Floor Jansen and Henk Poort version, there is no comparison possible. Go check it out and you will know what i mean

    1. @blissinchains First of all, mind your language. Unfortunately for you we live in a world where everyone can express his opinion. All of us have ears and everyone can appreciate and decide whoever is best for him. Your explanation on the D6 and the E6 is irrelevant here. I am talking about this specific song here and will not retract my opinion. Plus who said that Floor Jansen was the best soprano alive. Leave your complexes behind and learn to accept that people tastes are different. Finally i am 62 years old and i am a Nightwish fan but not only, to say that NW arrangement is trash just shows your biased and unworthy opinion and you are looking to lash it out somewhere, and it happened here. I respect you have a different opinion, but definitely do not respect the low level language you are displaying.

    2. Can Nightwish fans fucking QUIT coming onto Phantom videos trying to (falsely) claim that Floor Jansen can beat classically trained sopranos in singing the title song? Because no, lmfao oh my god. She cant even reach the D6 half the time and this song calls for an E6. The note Sierra reaches here. Go away. The NW arrangement is pure trash, Erik is a tenor and not a baritone or screamer, and Floor Jansen is NOT the best soprano alive.

  14. I like JOJ as the phantom more (despite how dreamy and electric Ramin is ) because this is essentially a story of a young girl beguiled/groomed by an older gentleman (which JOJ pulls like boss). The apparent age difference has be there for the story to have that kick in the stomached!

  15. God damn, what is John Owen Jones doing with his voice when he sings _In all your fantasies_ at 2:38? It sounds so ghostly/haunting!

    (Like an actual ghost or phantasm suddenly swooping in from the distance to speak)

    Im trying to recreate that vocal effect myself; it sounds like he slightly/softly gulped when he started to say _In_ with the n sorta sounding like the Vietnamese ng sound, but thats the closest I can guess. Anybody got any other ideas?

  16. He’s ok I suppose… Ramin will forever be the best Phantom. Sierra’s and Ramin’s voices just meld better together

  17. I love this performance but Sierra sounds quieter than usual. Is she sick? because at the end notes, she usually sings it in a higher note than the main melody of the song and with more vibrato but here she did not.

    1. • Bella • I don’t know if she was sick, but she was really sick at the classic brit awards with Ramin, and she wasn’t quiet there. I think she’s just holding back here. I didn’t feel like there was much chemistry between Sierra and JOJ, so maybe that is also why she’s more quiet than usual.

  18. Emanierufujin.no1disk.opningu.misetekudasai.

  19. They both great singers, but I feel like… they dont complement each other. Theres a Lack of chemistry in this duet

  20. Her wig..it’s so….wow. And the dress……uhhh was this last minute? Cause that was her LND dress..
    1:53!! AAAAA that is just so adorable!!!!! I’m just so confused about the costumes!!! that isn’t a christine wig..

  21. I think this performance would be more canon since according to the novel, the Phantom was maybe in his late 30s – early 40s and Christine and Raoul in their early 20s. He hypnotizes her, she has to look entranced.
    Sierra and Ramin’s performance is Love Never Dies inclined, thus Sierra almost pursues him and shows more desire.

    I believe she nails both visions of the musical.

  22. Ramins phantom voice may have hit me in an emotional level but holy shit John Owen-Jones has a really really powerful one

  23. I read that of all the 100s, break it down to the top 25, women who would have killed for the role of Christine in the 25th, ALW personally chose Sierra because of her stunning acting ability..And there are several moments in the Phantoms Lair as he sings MOTN, that you can see why she was chosen…

  24. This is the voice of the phantom for me. Love this mans singing I feel he does it perfectly.

  25. I love that even in this video a lot of people are commenting about Ramin. Lol . Becauae obviously Ramin is the best Phantom by any means

    1. @Amber Zehra yes yes. But then again why did Andrew want Ramin to ORIGINATE the role of Phantom in Love Never Dies? 😂😂or why did Cameron Mackintosh accept his request of letting him be the youngest actor to play Phantom?😂 (2004-2008 run i think)

    2. John is a better singer and actor. Just because Ramin got filmed by professional filmmakers and his hotter doesn’t make him better. John’s interpretation of the phantom and his acting is much better than Ramin in my opinion.

  26. This is the first time I am watching JOJ and Sierra sing this together. Wow. Couldn’t really tell from the 25th Ann performances but JOJ is a super hot POTO! Heres why I say so :

    0:43 ahhh the hand … fingers spread … so sexy.

    1:13 the way his hands jerked the oar … this may need a R Rating!

    And though you tuuuuuuuurrn from me – wow that was probably the most sexy I have heard it sung, powerful one second ago and suddenly the emotion drops to dang it sexy! Now we all know what his bedroom voice sounds like!

    And at 1:32, the way he thrust out his hands so commandingly, yes yes I will take your hands, say no more!

    1:44, the way he stiffens his back … that was the sound of me fainting.

    1:58, I know we all (mostly) ship Rierra but the hands, the hands of JOJ as he touches her face … if this performance had continued, Christine might have gone off with POTO instead of Raoul haha.

    And the way he takes off his cloak … whoaaaaa don’t stop, don’t stop!

    At 2:45, JOJ does that clenching of his fist. Saw Ramin do that too but the way Ramin did it, I must say, it was more sexy because his hand went  lower Sierra’s body and then he clenched his fist and pulled it up. I had to pause to get a very icy glass of water to drink and am still in therapy over it!

    After JOJ licks his lip (I can’t talk about it), he runs his hand down her arm as in actual touching. I don’t remember seeing Ramin do that but I could be wrong.

    3:04, the way he stands … very predatory and so very sexy if you like the powerful kind of man … like like!!

    And his hands, his hands the entire “Sing, sing for me” segment …

    Definitely a very sexy POTO in case I wasn’t clear earlier haha.

    Comparing this performance to the Classic Brit Awards 2012 though, Sierra here was pretty passive compared to how she seemed to almost pursue Ramin in that performance (actions wise).

    Though … I am very confused. This is the year of the 25th Ann performance? But it would seem then that in a very short space of time JOJ put on so much weight, he was almost double in size! hmmm

    1. I was wondering about that too. But then I thought maybe he was at his normal walking around wait at the 25th at the RAH? Like hed lost weight for this show?

  27. For me, it is John Owen Jones, on Broadway. And, on Screen, the only Phantom for me is Gerard Butler!

  28. I feel like Sierra really only comes alive for Ramins Phantom. Even contrasting this to the same duet with Ramin in the 2012 Brit Awards, she seems more distracted here and with minimal eye contact. JOJ has a great voice (though his Phantom vibe isnt my personal preference), but the chemistry is off here.

  29. John Owen Jones is magnificent, but I miss Ramins verson of the Phantom with Sierra Boggess.

  30. Man I wish John had done the 25th anniversary of Phantom He deserved it but like the 25th anniversary of Les Mis it was not to be. Bummer.

    1. JOJ also tragically overlooked for the 2019
      Staged Concert live broadcast of Les Mis despite doing most the shows as Alfie Boe seemed to be sick an awful lot. Should have got the live gig. JOJ’s vocal range unmatched for Phantom too.

  31. I can put a safe bet on his hands that they are EXTREMELY SOFT and VELVETY. They are exquisite and so alluring.

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    1. Floor Jansen is not superior to Sierra Boggess in the role of Christine. Not in this or any lifetime.

  33. Ive never seen John Owen Jones in full Phantom costume before…. Im not saying Im anti-Ramin, but Ramin hasnt got that it factor like JOJ has. Damn.

  34. I think John is among the more talented and versatile actors in this role… Hell of a pair of lungs.

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