स्लॉट मशीन ऑनलाइन मुफ्त बेरी

काजलखान ऑनलाइन कैसीनो पेपैल स्वीकार करते हैं. तत्काल धन निकासी के साथ स्लॉट मशीन.

Uefa चैंपियन लीग योग्यता और मैच सट्टेबाजी. Crimea में सट्टेबाज कार्यालय. Kz खिलाड़ियों के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ ऑनलाइन कैसीनो. कंप्यूटर पर एक आवेदन के साथ सट्टेबाजों. अपने खाते को स्लॉट मशीन ऑनलाइन मुफ्त बेरी कैसे हटाएं. मुफ्त के लिए खेलो पंजीकरण स्लॉट ज्वालामुखी नहीं.

कैसे winline स्लॉट मशीन ऑनलाइन मुफ्त बेरी एक मुफ्त शर्त लगाने के लिए.

ज आ गण त र ल – ऑनलाइन केसिनो – सुरक्षित ऑनलाइन केसिनो का – NATHAN TECHNOLOGIES

शीर्ष कैसीनो दुनिया भर में. फुटबॉल की सट्टेबाजी की रणनीति. सट्टेबाजों में खेल क्या होता है..

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  1. Oh my gosh youre too funny I say the exact same thing every time theres a line head how much is it how much is that! Thanks for the video I enjoyed it

  2. Why do you play the one arm bandits,l never play the one arm bandits, suckers game since
    1960, Las Vegas.
    Good luck, lucky lady and hubby
    Hopefully someday I go to a casino, l WINS Gigantic, like you usually do.

  3. Wowww Lady Luck super super 👌 👏 💘 😻 💜 💛 💚 🧡 💘 😻 diferente yeshh Good 👍 😀 ♥ 😄 ❤ Luck my friends 👍 😀❤ 👏 Como siempre positivas y pa delante

  4. Couldnt see the screen and very hard to follow along since you were spinning so fast. Congrats on the wins!

  5. Francine, in case you play Aztec Treasure again I wanted to let you know it was TOO bright. There were many times where I had no idea what some reels landed on because I couldnt see the actual figure. All I could see was a bright light. Congrats on the Handie 🎈🧨🎉🎈👱‍♀️👗👠👠🤞🤞🙏🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

    1. Yea — I am not sure why it did that — I tried to fix when I was editing but nothing was working

  6. Hi Lady Luck did you notice if the newley expanded CHANEL boutique is open at the Wynn yet? I was there in December and they had a small temporary location set up while they expanded the original location. Thanks 💖

  7. Congrats 👏. I love this game but it doesnt love me back😁🤣. Best of luck to you on the next one.🍀🍀🍀

  8. Omg I don’t think you should be in the slot business if you can’t do simple math of 5 times 20 or 25 or 30. Do you balance a cheque book? Lol

    1. 🤣 Yeah theyre not mutually exclusive. Not sure what the slot business is but Im doing okay with it thus far! Checkbook is doing well too 😉

  9. “I’m so lost in the sauce” was the greatest and truest quote of the night. Lol😂😂😂

  10. Did he say he sells info on how to play slots 🤣 wtf!!!! Shouldn’t arrest the guy for selling should arrest the person buying it.

  11. love watching you ,, the screen was rough tonight because of the brightness ..BUT if i am honest i like it better wgen you push the buttons.. your hubby is to fast and doesnt let us enjoy the win with you,,, he is way to fast.. but love your banter with each other..

  12. Lady Luck I love it when you are having a real good time. The lighting wasnt good but the machine was kinder to you than Ive experienced. Just waiting for tomorrow.

  13. I love your interaction while playing these slot games. It is so entertaining😊. Since I cannot go to Vegas now this is the next best thing👌

  14. Looked and sounded like hubby had no patience tonight. Was kind of frustrated with that. But love the vids!

  15. 🤑🤑🤑🤑😘😘😘😘🌹🌹🌹💐💐💐💐💙💙💙💙💙💙🥂🥂🥂🥂

  16. Good morning guys , not a machine I would ever play , seems very hard to win on , all the best looking forward to a better looking machine tommorrow hopefully , take care guys .

  17. I still cant get over the other day on furr face when you asked for the Major and it randomly appears on the screen seconds later, what are the odds of that happening. You are the luckiest girl 🤑🤩🥰

  18. I believe someone was tipsy gambling, and I love it…also can relate. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Nice watching you guys playing slots for a change… Especially when you have no clue you hit a handpays 🥳🙈😋👏🎰🤑💰💵

  20. Im new to your channel and love your videos, but I have to admit it hurts to watch you put back so much after some of the huge wins.

  21. Is there a white balance on your camera? The lights are too bright on the machines for us to make out what’s going on.

  22. Theres a new slot at all the Arizona casinos. Its called The Jackpot Slot. It looks kinda like a toilet bowel. You lift the lid and throw your money in then pull the handle. SWOOSH, Thats it.😆😆

  23. I’m gonna hit you— you tell me what it was!!! Lol! Fran, you’re the best😍😍😍. Lovey, Dovey, you are sooo bad!! Don’t expect Lady Luck to count now!!!🤪🤪

  24. Got to hear a couple of my favorite Franisms 😀 how is that nothing? I feel that should have been more to be added to her HOF…. math for me

  25. Lady Luck HQ GIRL WE love you! You have inspired me and my wife to make a YouTube channel and go forth with it. We have been watching you guys for a LONG TIME. We hope we can be successful and inspirational like you and your husband. 💕 keep kicking butt LOL 😊

    1. Omg!! We can’t believe you replied back to US. SCREAMING LOL 😆. It would mean the world to us if you can give us a shot out whenever you can. Trying to get our YouTube channel up and running. Thank you so much 😊

  26. Omg! Did you go to that dude’s insta? He selling package on slot tips from like $300-$2000

  27. Please tell her the amount for crying outloud. Drinking and mathematics. Combining the two makes a tragic poor decision. Lmao 🤣 Always love your videos.

  28. Had to fast forward this video. Couldnt see anything. But as always, I love seeing you two.

  29. Need to say that I used to watch several other channels untill I found yours, and now yours is the only one I like. Im hooked!!! I cant wait to see you get the Grand.

  30. you guys are so cool really enjoy watching 2 gambling buddies who just happen to be doing something they Love dont get any better God Bless you both

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