असली पैसे यूक्रेन के लिए ऑनलाइन स्लॉट

स्लॉट मशीनों ऑनलाइन यूक्रेन रिव्निया में –

स्लॉट मशीनों लॉगिन के बिना खेलने के लिए. लेकिन मैक्स, अपोलो और फोर्टिस जैसे में जीत से कर.

पंजीकरण ऑलिव के बिना मुफ्त में क्लिक करें. ओटीपी डालें और वेरिफाई बटन पर को खोलने के लिए. मुफ्त ऑनलाइन गोताखोरों के लिए खेलने ऑनलाइन स्लॉट मशीनें. कैसे एक सट्टेबाज सट्टेबाज के कार्यालय के लिए स्लॉट असली पैसे यूक्रेन के लिए ऑनलाइन स्लॉट. पीसी के लिए खेल सट्टेबाजी अनुप्रयोग.

COVID Vaccine लगवाने के नियम बदले, बिना स्लॉट बुक किए 18 से 44 साल वालों को लगेगा टीका

भाग्यशाली कैसीनो असली पैसे यूक्रेन के लिए ऑनलाइन स्लॉट. जहां सट्टेबाजी के खेल खरीदने के. बेलारूस में एक सट्टेबाज के कार्यालय. पंजीकरण के बिना ऑनलाइन स्लॉट मशीनों नजर आएगी.

5 य र जम स क स न – ऑनलाइन कैसीनो अक्टूबर की समीक्षा करता है

स्लॉट मशीनों मुफ्त पागल टमाटर खेलते. स्लॉट मशीनों krasnoyarsk खेलते हैं. बुकमेकर रिक्तियों ऑपरेटर कैशियर. फिर उपलब्ध स्लॉट तारीख और कैपेसिटी खेलते हैं..

110 thoughts on “असली पैसे यूक्रेन के लिए ऑनलाइन स्लॉट

  1. As someone who has lived in China, Canada, and now living in Germany, I recognize the importance of singular political system runs by AI. COVID exposed how fragile some systems are.

  2. rather a lot of narrow minded people on youtube by the look of the dislike and nonsense comments.

  3. I like it, and I have already thought about a renewed democratic system where we dont need parties or polititians, because there is data about everything, and we can use statistics to decide bether then our representatives. This may realy be the future as he says.

  4. I love the definition of the problem: cognitive bandwidth!

    As for the solution, personal AIs are needed that are independently controlled by individuals—not corporations.

  5. how about an online forum where all issues can be discussed, all facts and studies and scientifics posted, everyone needs to upload the passport for registering, and everything can be voted directly online in that forum?

    giving power to an ai seems even more insane than having corrupt humans in power.

    also people dont study history so make no mistake. wed become 3rd world countries very fast, with very cold winters.

  6. I know he said that we should focus on solution. A major task before this could be about how to distinguish fake news from factual news; the importance of context; the removal of propaganda; inclusion of healthy debates. Not everyone knows what they want. And the most important of them all – that democracy is desirable. More countries in the world are non democratic (not on paper). How to convince them that a religious supremacist state is less preferable. Some people actually want that! Some countries would actually use this to feed in their holy books as an operating system and make an automated law that could execute you for…for whatever!

    All I am saying is before imagining your daughter and her friends using this like a Coca Cola commercial, we have to read lightly.

  7. The cookies from black mirror would be ideal for this. We only need to figure out how to copy minds

  8. But retro products that are hand made attract a higher price because the products that are automated lack a soul or the uniqueness. For example computer music or computer art lacks the art of human made music and art. Just because something is being used poorly it doesnt mean the THING is bad, it just means people are not using it correctly.
    Mob rule is horrible and Technocracy is not an alternative, its a system of total control.

  9. I would prefer your own intelligence put to use not your adoption for technology that undermines.

  10. Sure, crazy, but its brilliant and I believe it will be in practice someday. Will implement it in my company and see how it goes.

  11. Is it just me, or are there other people here who are disappointed with democracy?

    Well, should we put it to a vote?

  12. Basically its jus a pardoxs on what the govements and corps do now but the other way around ! Big data and algorithm

  13. I think an even better guage for direction, would be to read the happiness/satisfaction levels of the general public. Realise which zones are feeling under catered for, and the algorithms must work to force funds Into the schools and library programs, hospitals. The way it is now, is as though the wealthy even get more governmental assistance than the minimum wage workers, even though they dont need it. There are definitely some things AI can be placed completely in control of. Yes not all decisions. I really think happiness should be the most important thing to act on, but humans are selfish and power hungry. There needs to be that impartial AI.

  14. For a science fiction book that touches on ideas similar to this—more like AI and supplements for cognitive bandwidth issues vs the political methods—checkout Accelerando by Charles Stross. This book imagines ideas and hypothetical uses for personal personal cognitive aides and AIs. Moreover, he suggests several potential future reasons for utilizing such tools to protect yourself and your family and … perhaps our civilizations from
    … ourselves / AI corporations (if you think it’s possible for an AI singularity or mind uploads, etc.)

    (Caution: it’s a quite racy in places in the beginning, and it does mention suicide or effective virtual suicide at times.)

  15. So basically, we choose of our own free will to allow Skynet to rule us, so that we can avoid making it angry and nuking us? Is this supposed to be TEDxINATOR: Cucked Fate?

  16. One problem… decision making. Once you have a and b possibility. 50% of the people will be wrong or unhappy.
    Leadership is not about popularity, it’s a about the wisdom and responsibility of a leadership to make hard decisions. Around 95% of the people will never want this responsibility, that’s a fact.
    This decisions Always have big footprints.

  17. What happens when the software engineers implement bias in the training?

    Would results change if the software changed?

    What happens if ideologies change to quickly, say after 9/11?

    What happens if it fails to predict your ideologies?

    What if your political ideologies dont reflect how you would vote?

    What happens when people never change their mind because debates never happen? Will progress slow?

  18. Yeah sure! Give a machine the power to control our life’s and laws. A machine that only counts people as numbers with not empathy. Could be a good addition to the system we already have.

  19. How this is done is the same way it is done with current business executive decisions.
    Example: Highway project from city a to b for x money budget vs project b for y budget, politicians ask data scientists to run models and tell them reports on companies. Then they make decisions.
    – First you have data scientist department in the government that work on ML Models/Algorithms that scorch through thousands of research papers (quantitative and qualititative surveys, scientific journals, environment journals, elemental tests etc.) and optimise over variables such as viability, innovation, cost to govt, profit margin for citizens (not just monetary profit but time saved, inverse tax benefit ratio maybe to help poorer citizens), human progress etc.
    – Slowly need for politicians reduces as most Fact and Stats based
    reports are common across all UN, all politicians use the same reports
    to judge on issues that gives summary of all factors involved and the
    hypothesis and the values (chi square maybe idk)
    – More time passes, more and more automation. ultimately we create a
    Social Security Number based app that lets you give feedback on
    decisions made based on the same report
    – This data is further fed into the model to factor public opinion. You
    start getting public opinion based models.
    – Politicians like CEOs ultimately wont go away, but decision making
    will get faster and the points theyll argue for will be i will follow
    the reports more. They will get questioned if the go against a
    researched report which is directly available to public.
    – half a century more you have enough data to create the delegate ai but
    it doesnt send the feedback it lets you read and make changes first. If
    you want to enable auto send it is there but not recommended

  20. No AI Demons ruling over me!
    Isaiah 9:6 King James Version
    6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

  21. Suppose there is a perfect software solution to this problem. The new problem is that i cant trust it, because i didnt wrote it. Plus i dont think there is any hardware system that cant be hacked. Playstation, Iphone, etc all get hacked. Hardwares are not secure enough to land your entire political power to them.

  22. This is to Cesar Hildalgo (if you even get to see this comment), making a simple problem more complicated is not a form of intelligence.

    No disrespect, but what is need is more equal power of organization from the people of the US. Not scripts and machine learning. People, have to upgrade their societal norms.

  23. Mhm yes. And then to install scientific, also materialistic terror of technocracy. Ooor UN as a world government? People so corrupted and chosen not by humanity, chosen by a few.
    No thank you. We can deal with politicians.

  24. Ive had this idea, then figured Id have a look on the internet and see if its a thing….

    … its a thing.

  25. hahaha it might well happen by itself once singularity happens and it creates a government based on all the private information thats being collected from everyone 😉

  26. So heres a question. Hypothetically we automate or politicians. Lets assume the automation would learn from the outcomes of the decisions and use that data to further stream line their decisions going forward perpetually. Lets also assume the A.I. is programmed to make decisions in the best interest of the citizens and our society and is completely unbiased in this effort. Thirdly, lets say beyond the initial programming, the A.I. is completely un-influenced by human intervention of any kind.

    What would those decisions look like as compared to our current political spectrum? Right? Left? Center? Etc…

    1. Good question… Dont know for sure but the majority of the money is in hands of a short minority of people… so if the AI is to behave for the majority therefore might be left/centre left?? Not sure but its interesting to put the AI in those therms… I guess its up to the programmer.

  27. If this means people will actually have a voice again and a say in how they want to be governed then lets do it. Politicians are only in it for themselves, it has nothing to do with the voice of the people anymore. And for those who fear SKYNET, do not think because politicians are people they have more compassion than machines.

  28. You have to be some special kind of egoistic person to think that all skeptics are pessimists.

  29. So the person in control of the AI foundation will be handed the political power of all nations, thats a good one.

  30. I dont think the software agent part of this is plan is necessary. Human agents that can be held to account would be sufficient. AFAIK, the key aspects are: 1) Proxies instead of representatives, so that you dont need to be in the majority to still have a voice. 2) Separable agents, so that you can choose different people to vote your proxy for different sorts of issues. 3) Revocable proxies, so that if an agent doesnt accurately reflect your interests, you can vote directly on key issues, or replace your agent entirely without having to wait for the next election. With an structure like this, if you think that a software agent would work, it could be used if you desired, but you wouldnt have to do it that way. If you liked the old way, you could choose an agent that was selected by a political party for a particular geographic region, and periodically reaffirm your choice. If you trust that a software agent adequately represented your interest, you could do that to. Or maybe you choose a software agent for some sort of issues, but a human agent for others.

  31. Have people vote to pass or hold back legislation. Make it mandatory and anonymous. It sucks voting for a party and having them pass policies you didn’t want.

  32. Problem 1: We don’t yet have real, personal software agents: we have software agents that represent the googles, apples, facebooks, amazons, govts, advertisers, and many others to apply algorithms to identify, parse, and influence our behavior to their companies’ needs & desires.

  33. This is for a pure democracy. We have a representative democracy. This would eliminate the electoral college which is what makes America so great. We don’t want MOB TO RULE! How do you overcome this with this technique? Would people’s avatars in Idaho be more influential than those of NY or LA? I didn’t see him address this PROBLEM. Yes it is a problem to the solution like he so cutely states. This will not work in a Representative Democracy because in this scenario the MOB WOULD RULE.

  34. this a fact you must check it … it is very important .. when you vote in a political election you ARE legally appointing them ..as your representative in foreign affairs and the spending of taxes … what does that mean .. all nations system stands under the constitutions …we all think that is all GOOD construction gives us legal rights .. and they do BUT it is part of the construction to have a standing army and military .. sounds OK but when you vote .. it really does NOT matter if your party won or lost you have endorsed the standing military … this a fact and you can ask any lawyer .. if you vote you have without knowing it endorsed war in Iraq .. and abortion .. blood is on your hands .. many people as the speaker pointed out do not vote .. they are the good and informed minority that will not legally endorse those murderers and criminal running the world…

  35. Definitely something here, an interesting idea indeed. However as long as there is a human determining how the algorithms are trained, there is some degree of representation. That is not a small question.

  36. The general population is not informed enough to vote. Either AI has to make the decisions for us or it needs to deem who is informed enough to vote

  37. This idea would make a good Black Mirror episode. Or I think it already was kinda.

  38. Im intrigued by the idea, but it is, unfortunately, fraught with risks. Not a risk of AI takeover, but rather the risk of partisan political groups working to subvert what these avatars are trained to do. For instance, instead of everyone working to create their own custom avatar, tailored to their views, instead youll get parties, unions, celebrities, etc telling you to just adopt their political avatar. When that happens, you no longer have direct democracy — you just have celebrities deciding for your instead of politicians and theyre not going to be any better at it.

    Additionally, the question of who writes the bills that are considered is HUGE. As it stands, our politicians intentionally write bills that are huge, cumbersome, and intentionally opaque. They WANT them to be huge and unreadable so they can (and DO) hide things in them — pork, loop holes, etc. So, unless we change how the bills are written, our political avatars will always be faced with deciding year or nay on bad bills. Further, the politicians WILL work to construct bills specifically tailored to appeal to different avatar training algorithms. They will NOT do this to better represent those views, but rather to use that automated decision making to their benefit, much like one might craft a resume today to get past automated resume review software.

  39. Cesar believes the problem is democracy or politicians. An abstraction. He believes this is a technological problem. As a solution. The very problem is the liberal system itself and the complexity of human world today because of globalization and technology. A simplification within the borders of the problem wont be a solution.

  40. Awesome idea. When will we start? People think robots are villains even though they use them everyday. How are we going to bring this awesome idea of utopian country where everyones opinions are valued by this AI to life?

  41. There are legislative decisions and those pieces of legislation require communication between people with different points of view, requires participation, requires debate, require consultation. BUT our internet algorithms create disconnected bubbles?
    Example is the political situation in election 2020 USA!

  42. I would like to volenteer as the programer for this, heck Ill do it for free!

    Muhahahaha!!! >:)

  43. Its not too far fetched as itd be a computer analysis program with basic ai functions. What it could do is, based on shifting demographics, begin to examine how things are, whats going on in the world, and produce legislation that could clean up what America currently has and get it out to the populace quickly. Another simple function would be voting where it would allow us to vote online and in doing so process the votes and pass laws based on the human aspect. Whats really funny though is that everything our politicians do now can easily be done with a computer program.

  44. Do we really want our leaders to be some random people elections are more democratic because the rulers are skilled statesmen governing by popular consent not some random people that may even have far left or fascist views . With election we are informed on the type of people governing us

  45. Majority voting on issues does not make it Morally correct. There should be a moral AI and decide for the best of all. So who decides what is right or wrong? absolutely not majority.

  46. How about Jury Democracy. For a month or a few weeks per year certain people chosen at random vote for the laws. It doesnt become overwhelming like in direct democracy.

    In essence its like a very short term politician but they dont get voted, its random. And Im talking about thousands or hundreds of thousands each time not 12

  47. wow wow wow there really is a universal consciousness of some sort cus i swear i was this is actually the dream of the future ive been pondering and im glad someone else has explained it so well. Now it sounds more feasible

  48. Well Im sceptical of this being a real viable solution but I do like the idea of politicians too losing their job to automation.

    1. Nikhilesh Surve – 11:27 We already have special interests writing laws—and copy & pasting templates for certain kinds of laws from state to state. Special interests may well drive such reverse technology—with or without the individual-agent-voting-bots.

      I’m more interested in the first and last parts of his talk:
      1) Root Cause of voters being deceived Or disinterested is… a cognitive bandwidth problem. That is a problem all around as data increases in our world. Personal AI might or might not be viable (or in the interest of those in power), but the root cause will remain until solutions directly address it.

      2) The realistic idea of trying this out on private, local clubs, groups, or institutions is … well, a lot more realistic than pushing for it to become law out of nowhere.

    2. @J J Im referring mostly to the title of the video A bold idea to replace politicians
      But also this part @ 11:17 (computer aided voting on laws written by politicians) & 11:27 (algorithm writing the laws)

  49. an English Lord in a published video said in Parliament quantitative easing and fractional lending are criminal and illegal .. the speaker of the house did not rebuke .. and it stands as truth!!! yes really … so the technology is here the blockchain on smart contracts and the net even dark net … a world wide class action against government and the banks could be issued funded anonymously by over 7 Billion people .. the fact is we the people of the world do NOT have any legal representation and is now possible to have it … blochchain genie is out of the bottle and the masses are about to understand .. were at a point of great historical significance … WHO is out there in the legal world that gets this … 7 billion people with a fighting fund under encryption …. the safe keeping of the fund in its self could serve and proof the case for public government transparent ledger encryption … it would be like the magna carta 2.0 .. we the people want all government accounting in and out transparent and public in real time … you are all afraid of the government .. controlling your money digitally .. but it works both ways .. government too! sovereign debt is the criminals who are the governments of the world .. stealing our money and giving to themselves .. it would only cost halve of the stolen money the 1% have to refinance an equitable reset about 2 Quadrillion …they get to keep half and we can all move on ….you will say such a class action is naïve and will fail … that maybe so BUT the governments are unmasked and too the TV media ….they would be in the uncomfortable position as to openly admit .. democracy .. is a load of BS and we the rich make the rules .. yes we are criminals .. nothing changes you say .. no everything changes the TV and governments lose the high moral ground .. truth is out there ….military are then in the awkward position of be the seen as the oppressors of mankind for the 1% .. how long do you think that BS will last for … or it turn the other way and world wide fund steals the military and gets rid of the 1% winner takes all! ….99% have the power we just dont know it .. but the blochchain genie is out of the bottle and there is no turning back ….the masses can unite and there nothing they can do about it …of course it is hopeless .. no one really cares humans are garbage!

  50. This is not possible any time soon. Wed need an AI with superhuman knowledge of human psychology in order for it to know how an individual would vote on a particular bill if he/she were to have full knowledge of the issue.

    Otherwise, the proposed AI would likely just vote based on the silly, incoherent political template of views it perceives in society. Even worse than having politicians.

  51. Ok so ive just figured out the problem. Back in the 1950s we invented a computer that predicted the election. why have we not run off that idea? i think there was some stupid law or something.

  52. AI and people will not co-exist peacefuly long term. We will be either all replaced by AI, or we will merge with AI. The end result will be pretty much the same.

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